Social networks are not only a unique phenomenon for Internet users, but also important for a professional understanding of the development prospects of the Web for the coming years, including new ways to convey information about your product or service to the target audience.

In the past few years, social networks have become the “Internet on the Internet”.

More than 50% of all “inhabitants” of the Web created their alter ego in one of the popular social networks of Runet.

This suggests that almost the entire section of the virtual society (by age, gender, hobbies, etc.) is present in one way or another in social networks.

Moreover, according to authoritative experts, the trend of growth in the audience of social networks will only grow stronger in the future.

Website promotion in social networks – a new marketing tool

A reasonable question arises, why not take advantage of all this goodness as a new marketing, advertising and PR tool and start promoting in social networks?

Promotion in social networks is a phenomenon, the emergence of which is logically combined with the basic principles of marketing.

An undoubted plus of brand promotion in social networks is transparent, clear and understandable targeting of the audience according to predetermined parameters.

Users themselves (voluntarily!) post all the information that is needed for effective promotion in social networks: age, gender, education and, most importantly, interests and hobbies.

The main thing is to correctly and clearly understand who are the potential customers of your company, and move forward in search of your target audience!